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Name: Tappinskis RUBI FOR DOGARIUM
Breeder: Anna Tapper (Tappinskis)
Owners: Anna and Jan Rojszyk (Dogarium)
Sire: Courtborne ANGEL OF RAPHAEL
Sex: female
Date of birth: 24.02.2013
Land of birth: Sweden
Land of standing: Poland (Bydgoszcz)
Size: 47,2 cm
Weight: 14,5 kg
Colour: brindle
Chip: 941000015016239
Pedigree: HERE
Tests with certificates: heart – OK, eyes – OK


Tappinskis Rubi for Dogarium is our second, long awaited, whippet. This bitch was chosen with full awareness. We wanted her to be the base of our kennel and a friend of our Lana. We fell in love with her exterior, courage and very joyful personality. She was born on 24th February 2013 in Anna Tapper’s kennel Tappinskis (Sweden). Rubi’s breeder prepared her perfectly!
Rubi’s father is Courtborne Angel Of Raphael and her mother is Tappinskis Friends Forever. What is Rubi like? Brave and calm – she must have been well socialized! She’s not afraid of anything, very curious, cheerful and loves to play. Together with Lana they make a great team! More on The Breed Archive.


“A” litter with: World Winner 2011, Int Ch, Am GCh, Fin Ch, Est Ch, Nor Ch Aberdeen Remarkable In Paris. 8 puppies (6 males and 2 females) was born 2015.01.19. More about this puppies HERE.


Date: Show: Place: Judge: Class: Result:
22.08.2018 CACIB Shkorpilovtsi (BG) Vitaliy Khizhnyak (UA) open Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS, BG CH
21.08.2018 CACIB Shkorpilovtsi (BG) Viacheslav Verbitsky (BY) open Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS, C.I.B.
19.08.2018 CACIB Tiraspol (MD) Darko Drobnjak (RS) open Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
18.08.2018 CACIB Tiraspol (MD) Volinets Serghei (MD) open Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG2, MD CH
20.12.2015 CACIB Vilnius, Lithuania Inna Begma (RUS) open Ex1, CAC, LT Ch
08.11.2015 CACIB Poznań, Poland Janusz Opara (POL) champion Ex2/3
07.11.2015 CACIB Poznań, Poland Tadeusz Chwalny (POL) champion Ex2/3
10.10.2015 CACIB Lviv, Ukraine Jan Ryk (POL) champion Ex1, CAC, BOB, CACIB, BOG, UA Ch
06.09.2015 CACIB Wrocław, Poland Olga Kuprianova-Sinko (SVN) champion Ex1, CAC
09.08.2015 CAC Voru, Estonia Johan Juslin (FIN) champion VG1
08.08.2015 CAC Voru, Estonia Colette Muldoon (IRL) champion Ex1, CQ, BF2
02.08.2015 CAC Tartu, Estonia Elena Kuleshova (RUS) champion Ex1, CQ, CERT, BOS, EE Ch
01.08.2015 CAC Tartu, Estonia Petroula Richard (FRA) champion Ex2/2, CQ, BF2
30.11.2014 CAC N. D. M., Poland Andrzej Brabeltz (POL) open Ex1/2, CAC, PL Ch
08.11.2014 CACIB Kielce, Poland Campbell Lisbeth (NOR) open Ex2/4
05.10.2014 CAC Bydgoszcz, Poland Małgorzata Lorenc (POL) intermediate Ex1/2, CAC
07.09.2014 CAC Włocławek, Poland Andrzej Brabeltz (POL) open Ex1, CAC, BOB, BOG2
30.08.2014 CACIB Białystok, Poland Luís Pinto Teixeira (PRT) open Ex1/2, CAC
17.08.2014 CAC Toruń, Poland W. Misterka-Kluska (POL) intermediate Ex1/2, CAC, BOB, BOG3
29.06.2014 CACIB Szczecin, Poland Tomasz Kuszyk (POL) intermediate Ex1/2, CAC
15.06.2014 CACIB Kraków, Poland Ekaterina Senashenko (RUS) intermediate Ex3/4
01.06.2014 CAC Kaunas, Lithuania George Schogol (GEO) junior VG3/3
31.05.2014 CAC Kaunas, Lithuania Marianne Holm (FIN) junior Ex1/2, BOB-J, BOB, BOG, LT JCh
25.05.2014 CAC Gostynin, Poland Tadeusz Chwalny (POL) intermediate Ex1, CAC, BOB, BOG4
2.03.2014 CACIB Drzonków, Poland M. Supronowicz (POL) junior Ex1/2, BOB Junior, PL JCh
16.02.2014 CACIB Rzeszów, Poland Juha Putkonen (FIN) junior Ex2/4
26.01.2014 CACIB Głogów, Poland Andrzej Brabeltz (POL) junior Ex2/2
12.01.2014 CAC Gdańsk, Poland Marta Kościańska (POL) junior Ex3/3
6.01.2014 CAC Mielno, Poland Piotr Król (POL) junior Ex1, BOB Junior, BOB
29.11.2013 CAC Świebodzice, Poland Nemanja Jovanovic (SRB) junior Ex1, BOB Junior, BIS Junior 2
27.10.2013 CACIB Poznań, Poland Kazimierz Rychlik (POL) puppy VP1, BOB Puppy
26.10.2013 CACIB Poznań, Poland Ewa Stolarska (POL) puppy VP1, BOB Puppy
28.09.2013 CAC Bydgoszcz, Poland Leszek Siejkowski (POL) puppy VP1, BOB Puppy, BIS Puppy
8.09.2013 CAC Częstochowa, Poland Janusz Opara (POL) puppy VP3/3
7.09.2013 CAC Częstochowa, Poland Kazimierz Rychlik (POL) puppy VP1, BOS Puppy
1.09.2013 CAC Włocławek, Poland Ewa Stolarska (POL) puppy VP1, BOB Puppy


3 years:

whippet PL JCh, LT JCh, PL Ch, EE Ch, UA Ch, LT Ch Tappinskis Rubi For Dogarium - 3 years

2 years 10 months:

whippet Tappinskis Rubi For Dogarium 2 years 10 months

1 year 10 months:

whippet PL Ch, PL JCh, LT JCh Tappinskis Rubi For Dogarium - almost 2 years1 year 5 months:

whippet - Tappisnkis RUBI FOR DOGARIUM

1 year:


10,5 months:

9 months:

6 months:

5 months:

4,5 months:

4 months:

4 months: