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Name: Dogarium BEELZEBUB
Call name: Marvel
Breeder: Anna Rojszyk
Owners: Anna Rojszyk (Dogarium) and Laetitia Daniel (des Plaines des Bruyères)
Sire: Sobers LUCIFER
Sex: male
Date of birth: 11.05.2016
Land of birth: Poland
Land of standing: France (La Roche-sur-Yon)
Colour: fawn brindle and white
Chip: 982061600062288
Pedigree: HERE
Progeny: 1) de L’Eden D’isawan 2017 (FR), 2) Naturatas 2017 (DE), 3) des Plaines des Bruyères 2018 (FR)


Dogarium BEELZEBUB is real heartbreaker! He has wonderful, brave, funny and warm character. He loves people and dogs. He is true, fond whippet. He has many features after his father (Sobers Lucifer). We have hope, that he will follow his footsteps. Marvel lives in famous whippet breeder from France – Laetitia Daniel from des Plaines des Bruyères kennel. We are very proud for this cooperation and we are waiting for its effects! More about Marvel the whippet on The Breed Archive.


Date: Type: Place: Judge: Class: Result:
12.10.2018 EDS Warszawa (PL) Arne Foss (NO) open Ex./16
07.10.2018 Spec. Tuchola (PL) Leszek Siejkowski (PL) champion Ex. 1, CAC, BM, BOS
06.10.2018 Spec. Spała (PL) Tomasz Wolańczyk (PL) champion Ex. 1, (“duży”) CAC, BM, BOS
22.08.2018 CACIB Shkorpilovtsi (BG) Vitaliy Khizhnyak (UA) champion Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG, BG CH
21.08.2018 CACIB Shkorpilovtsi (BG) Viacheslav Verbitsky (BY) champion Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG, BIS!
19.08.2018 CACIB Tiraspol (MD) Darko Drobnjak (RS) champion Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG, MD CH
05.08.2018 Spec. Donaueschingen (DE) Sakson (USA) open Ex. 4/18
04.08.2018 Spec. Donaueschingen (DE) Oliver (UK) champion Ex.
29.07.2018 CAC Aigrefeuille (FR) Desquartiers (FR) open Ex. 1, CAC, BOB, FR NSCH
08.07.2018 CAC Chateaubriant (FR) Coppel (FR) open Ex. 1, CAC, BOS
24.06.2018 CAC Chatelleraut (FR) Manatto (FR) open Ex. 1, CAC, BOB, BOG
17.06.2018 PVL Saint Denis de Pile (FR) Lassignardie (FR) open 7th TB, FR CH
02.06.2018 CDF Le Bourget (FR) Coppel (FR) open Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
27.05.2018 CAC La Roche Sur Yon (FR) Magre (FR) open Ex. 1, CAC, BOB, BOG
11.03.2018 CACIB Perigueux (FR) Mattera (FR) open Ex. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS
14.01.2018 CACIB Bordeaux (FR) Coppel (FR) interm. Ex. 1, CAC, r.CACIB
09.12.2017 LKA Royaume – Uni (UK) Oliver (UK) limit dog VHC 4
19.11.2017 CAC Le Mans (FR) Magre (FR) open Ex. 1, CAC, BOS
08.10.2017 CACIB Douai (FR) Arne Foss (NO) interm. Ex. 1, r.CAC
23.09.2017 Spec. Pompadour (FR) Bo Bengtson (USA) interm. Ex. 1, r.CAC
3.09.2017 Spec. Sorge en Perigord (FR) Cassandre Mattera (FR) interm. Ex. 1, CAC, BOS
13.08.2017 Spec. Donaueschingen (DE) Nolene Rule-Steele (AU) interm. Ex. 3/12
12.08.2017 Spec. Donaueschingen (DE) Paulo Coelho (PT) interm. Ex.
08.07.2017 CAC Chateaubriant (FR) John Walsh Jr (IE) junior Ex. 1/2, JW, BOB Junior, BIS Junior 2
14.05.2017 CACIB Rennes (FR) M. Dumortier (FR) junior Ex. 2/4
30.04.2017 Spec. Vieure (FR) Henrik Härling (SE) junior Ex. 2/16
26.03.2017 Spec. Angers (FR) Joachim Bartusch (DE) junior Ex. 2/4
05.02.2017 CACIB Zaragoza (ES) Carlos Fernandez Renau (ES) puppy VP 1/1, BOB Puppy
11.12.2016 CACIB Nantes (FR) Christophe Coppel (FR) puppy VP 1/5, BOB Puppy, BOG Puppy
10.12.2016 CAC Nantes (FR) Anne Bysturp (DK) puppy VP 2/6
23.10.2016 CACIB Poitiers (FR) Christophe Coppel (FR) baby VP 1/2, BOB Baby, BIS Baby 3
24.09.2016 Spec. Pompadour (FR)
Bernard Barjot (FR)
baby VP


14 months:

whippet Dogarium Beelzebub - 14 months

5 months:

Dogarium Beelzebub - 5 months

10 weeks:

whippet Dogarium Beelzebub - Marvel - 10 weeks

7 weeks:

whippet Dogarium Beelzebub 7 weeks

6 weeks:

whippet puppy Dogarium Beelzebub 6 weeks

Owners with puppy Marvel:

Dogarium Beelzebub Marvel