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Name: Dogarium COMEE
Call name: Comee
Breeder: Anna Rojszyk
Owners: Anna Rojszyk (Dogarium) and Wanda Lisiecka (Foxpolis)
Dam: Dogarium ALPHA
Sex: female
Date of birth: 27.10.2016
Land of birth: Poland
Land of standing: Poland (Kaczory)
Colour: brindle and white
Chip: 616246000019430
Pedigree: HERE
Titles:: PL JCH, MD CH


Dogarium COMEE is very close to our ideal type of whippet. We love her pedigree, body and character – that’s why we keep her in our kennel. She lives with her lovely co-owner Wanda Lisiecka near to us. More about Comee on The Breed Archives.


Date: Type: Place: Judge: Class: Result:
08.09.2018 CACIB Kołobrzeg (PL) Andrzej Szutkiewicz (PL) intermediate Ex. 2/3
05.08.2018 CACIB Sopot (PL) Simon Oliver (HR) intermediate VG 3/4
29.07.2018 CACIB Zakopane (PL) W. Misterka-Kluska (PL) intermediate Ex. 2/6
27.05.2018 CAC Ustka (PL) Barbara Larska (PL) intermediate Ex. 2/2
26.05.2018 CAC Ustka (PL) Piotr Król (PL) intermediate Ex. 1/2, CAC
21.04.2018 CAC Grudziądz (PL) Barbara Larska (PL) intermediate Ex. 2/2
21.04.2018 CAC Grudziądz (PL) Andrzej Szutkiewicz (PL) intermediate Ex. 1/2, CAC
04.02.2018 CACIB Bydgoszcz (PL) Carmen S. Navarro (ES) intermediate Ex. 3/6
26.11.2017 CACIB Kielce (PL) Ake Cronander (SE) junior Ex. 4/7
25.11.2017 CACIB Kielce (PL) Tanya Ahlman Stockmari (FI) junior Ex. 3/5
01.10.2017 CAC Inowrocław (PL) Małgorzata Lorenc (PL) junior Ex. 1, JW, PL JCH
03.09.2017 CAC Włocławek (PL) Krystyna Szulc (PL) junior Ex. 1/2, JW, BOB Junior, BOS
15.08.2017 CAC Toruń (PL) Jarosław Grunt (PL) junior Ex. 4/4
06.08.2017 CACIB Sopot (PL) Cristian Stefanescu (RO) junior Ex. 3/5
05.08.2017 CACIB Sopot (PL) Boris Chapiro (FR) junior Ex. 1/7, JW, BOB Junior
30.07.2017 CAC Chojnice (PL) Małgorzata Szmurło (PL) junior Ex. 2/2
25.06.2017 CACIB Kołobrzeg (PL) Joao Vasco Poças (PT) puppy VP 2/2
21.05.2017 CAC Ustka (PL) Tomasz Kuszyk (PL) puppy VP 1, BOB Puppy, BIS Puppy 1
30.04.2017 CAC Inowrocław (PL) Małgorzata Szydłowicz – Polańczyk (PL) puppy VP 2/2
29.04.2017 CAC Grudziądz (PL) Adam Ostrowski (PL) puppy VP 2/3
19.03.2017 CAC Choceń (PL) Leszek Siejkowski (PL) baby VP 1, BOB Baby, BIS Baby 2


11 months

whippet Dogarium Comee 11 months

8 months

whippet Dogarium Comee 8 months

4,5 months

whippet Dogarium Comee - 4,5 months old

3 months 3 weeks:

whippet Dogarium Comee 3 months 3 weeks

7 weeks:


5,5 weeks:

whippet puppy Dogarium Comee 5,5 weeks old

4 weeks:

whippet puppy Dogarium C litter 4 weeks old

2,5 weeks:

whippet puppy Dogarium C litter - 2,5 weeks old

6 days:

whippet puppy Dogarium Comee - 6 days old girl