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Sighthounds walk

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Our whippets Lana, Rubi and Alpha had walk-guests lately. Borzoi Brian and whippet Kira and Zaina are great friends! Some photos of whippets and borzoi below:

Sighthounds walks – photos

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We don’t like to make photos on the whippet walks, because camera is heavy and time spend with our dogs is priceless, so we like more “be” than “make photos”. But, from time to time, we make some for our friends. You can see our whippets, borzoi, saluki and spaniel below:

Whippet male Dogarium Concon sends greetings from Czech Republic!

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Thanks to Simona Kosorin, lovely owner of whippet male Dogarium Concon from “C” litter after CH Utzon’s Admiral von Schneider and our lovely CH Dogarium Alpha, we have new photos of this sweet little boy with two cute spots near his nose. Big kiss for you Concon! Thank you Simona for lovely, new photos of this sweet, little boy!

whippet-dogarium-concon-1 whippet-dogarium-concon-2

Whippet Dogarium Beelzebub “Marvel” on vacation

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Our lovely co-owner Laetitia Daniel from french kennel des Plaines des Bruyères was with our whippet male Dogarium Beelzebub “Marvel” on his first vacation in Franche-Comté in France. It seems like great fun! Many beautiful pictures of handsome whippet Marvel from “B” litter after Sobers Lucifer and Tappinskis Rubi for Dogarium below. Thank you Leti!

dogarium-beelzebub-1 dogarium-beelzebub-2 dogarium-beelzebub-3 dogarium-beelzebub-4

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