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Really good dog show trip – we have new champions!

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We are lucky – we had oportunity to be in Tiraspol second year in the row on great, unusual and nice trip with lovely dog shows. For those ones, who don’t know what Triaspol is – this is quite interesting part of history and culture, that is why we love to travel there. Tiraspol is the second largest city in Moldova, also capital, but… not capital of Moldva :) In Moldova is second quasi-country Transnistria and Tiraspol it is capital. The city is is located on the eastern bank of the Dniester River and is one of the most interesting places in Europe to visit, because you don’t find nothing that unusual as Transnistria anywhere… But to the point.

We were on 3xCACIB and one CAC dog shows and we showed our two girls. Dogarium Comee got two CACIB’s, one BOG2 and became new MD CH. Dogarium Beasie got one CACIB, one BOG2 and also became a new MD CH. Big congratulationsto our wonderful girls, their owners and everyone involved! It was really great, memorable and exciting trip with ful of great vibes, food and successes!