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Our whippets Rubi and Alpha od CACIB Dog Show in Lviv, Ukraine – Rubi is a New Ukrainian Champion!

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One of my greatest holiday dreams came true this weekend! Dog shows with our whippets are a good reason to see the world, so when I saw the information about the CACIB Dog Show in Lviv, Ukraine, I had no moment of doubt. During our extended weekend we had lots of adventures – from witnessing some intriguing activities on polish-ukrainian border, through driving according to the rule “if you don’t know who has the right of war then you have it”, up to affection on the dog show with our whippets, on “Rigoletto” in the famous Great Theater, and on the Lviv Eaglets Cemetery. On the show the only whippets were ours, but – Rubi got BOG and Champion of Ukraine title and Alpha BIS Puppy title! Judged by Jan Ryk from Poland. Below, a some memories of this weekend – unfortunately, taken by cellphone:

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