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Our adventure with whippets begun with two years searching for a perfect dog. We wanted a dog that would match our personalities, lifestyle and living conditions. One of us works at home, so there was no doubt we could have a puppy and give it all the time it needs. Our lifestyle is full of contrasts – we work a lot, but we also spend lots of time in the open. We searched for a dog, that – like us – has two speeds: fast and zero. We read a lot, and we chose a whippet – perfect in every aspects.

New family member

Within two years we read many ads. As many people in the beginning (unfortunately) we went by emotions and economic reasons. We chose a kennel in our city and there we picked Lana of her hypnotic eyes, beautiful fawn color and cute, funny character. We got Lana on one condition – we were supposed to take part with her in dog shows, because on litter review cynologic judge picked her as the best puppy.

Dog shows

Our first dog show was a complete disaster – now we laugh at it, but then it was very stressful. Then it was only better and better. Now we know how to do the dog handling and we learned exterior and movement principles. This knowledge verified the opinion about Lana as a show dog. However, we don’t give up our passions and we still go to watch dogs and train our handling skills.

The idea of Dogarium

We learned a lot, but there is still more. We analyzed our Lana from A to Z and we decided, that – despite all our love for her – she will not be the bases of our kennel. With all the experience, knowledge and support of people met on our cynological way, we decided to create Dogarium. We want to create new quality, that will favour whippets’ population all over the world and potential owners of dogs from our kennel. We are constantly developing, so besides many titles of read cynological literature, we can boast of a completed course for assistant in Polish Kennel Club (ended 30.11.2014, number of certificate by the registry: 16/XXXI/14).