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Guests in home, dogs in home

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We have a lot of guests lately, because all friends wants to see puppies and spend some time with them. Sometimes they come with their own dogs, and lately it was our co-owned Kira with brother Briniaszek and sister Zaina. Aren’t they cute?

Sighthounds walks – photos

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We don’t like to make photos on the whippet walks, because camera is heavy and time spend with our dogs is priceless, so we like more “be” than “make photos”. But, from time to time, we make some for our friends. You can see our whippets, borzoi, saluki and spaniel below:

Whippet puppies – 5 to 6 weeks old

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Stack pictures of our whippet puppies below. They are there from 5 to 6 weeks old. Some of them are available. More about puppies:

“E” whippet puppies – 3 weeks old

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Our whippet puppies are 3 weeks old now! They play, they start to run and eat mommy’s food. This is great time for us – whippet puppies are much better than TV! The newest photos below.

Whippet puppies from “E” litter – 2 weeks old

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Our little whippets are 2 weeks old already. They started to open eyes, walk and play. We love to watch them now – this is one of the funniest and cutest time in their developement. Another photosession made by us below. This time with spring and flower vibes.

Whippets in the evening – 0km/h

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Proud father of our “E” litter, John Lennon des Plaines des Bruyeres, with “mother of our kennel” Tappinskis Rubi for Dogarium. Typical whippet evening – cozy couch and watching movies. 0km/h.