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Our male Dogarium Cotton is a new FI and EE Champion!!!

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Amazing news! Our co-owned male Dogarium Cotton (Multi Ch. Utzon’s Admiral von Schneider x CIB Dogarium Alpha), who lives in Rovaniemi, Finland with his wonderful co-owner Henna Lahtinen is a new FINNISH and ESTONIAN CHAMPION!!! Huge thank you to his co-owner for amazing job with showing him, but also for warm and good home with lovely “whippet brothers”. I apriciate your work and I can’t belive that we have first FI CH in our kennel thanks to you! I am very grateful and happy! Great day for our family! YAY!

Sighthounds walk

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Our whippets Lana, Rubi and Alpha had walk-guests lately. Borzoi Brian and whippet Kira and Zaina are great friends! Some photos of whippets and borzoi below:

BIS Minor Puppy for Dogarium Etta – what a debut!

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Our youngest whippet girl, Dogarium Etta afer CH John Lennon des Plaines des Bruyeres and CIB Dogarium Berehynia had her debut and it was amazing! She was BIS Minor Puppy and got ovations from judges. We are so, so happy and proud! Congratulations for all involved!

Whippet girl Dogarium Berehynia “Masha” is a new Interchampion!

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Our wonderful brindle whippet girl Dogarium Berehynia “Masha” after CIB Sobers Lucifer and CIB Tappinskis Rubi for Dogarium is a new Romanian Champion and Interchampion! This is fourth international champion in Dogarium kennel. We are so, so happy and proud of our little brunette! As parents, as daughter! Bravo Masha!

Spring in Dogarium whippets kennel

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Warm weather finally! Whippets are in heaven! Our sighthounds love to sunbath, run after squirrels, hunt for worms and lie on the fragrant, green grass. Some pictures of our happy whippets from our summehouse below:

Whippet Dogarium Concon is a new Interchampion!

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We are so, so proudand happy! Whippet male Dogarium Concon ( Multi CH Utzon’s Admiral von Schneider x CIB Dogarium Alpha) is a new Czech Champion and a new International Champion! Big congratulations for him and his great owner Simona Kosorin! You are unstopable! Bravo!

Obrazek posiada pusty atrybut alt; plik o nazwie top-whippet-in-CZ-2018-Dogarium-Concon-1024x683.jpg