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Dogarium “E” whippet litter – puppies will born at the end of January 2019!

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Well… I am sure, that it is not big surprise. We present our new planned litter!

Daddy: FR CH, LSP John Lennon des Plaines des Bruyères
(C.I.B., FR CH, LSP, LU CH, FR VCH Erius-Eden von Hoëhenzoller x C.I.B., LSP Suna Regens Opals Tracy).

Mommy: PL CH, RS CH, MK CH, MD CH, BG CH Dogarium Berehynia (C.I.B., NORD CH, SE CH, FI CH, NO CH Sobers Lucifer x C.I.B., PL CH, EE CH, LT CH, UA CH, MD CH, BG CH, LT JCH, PL JCH Tappinskis Rubi for Dogarium)

Pedigree of Dogarium “E” litter: HERE
Puppies will born about the end of January 2019.
Thank you Laetitia Daniel for posibility to use your beautiful and wonderful Lennon! My little dream will come true soon…

Whippet male Lennon from France in Bydgoszcz, Poland!

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As you know, our whippet male Multi CH Dogarium Beelzebub “Marvel” is in his home in France already. We spend together wonderful family time full of joy and happy moments. When he was in Poland he started Polish Championship, achieved 2 new championships, 3 CACIB’s, 1 BIS placement on CACIB show in BG and mated beautiful whippet girl Flirtini Sunny Funny from Czech Republic (whippet puppies are already born).
Together, with co-owner of Marvel – Laetitia Daniel, we are so happy because of this quality time for him, that we decided, that another whippet male will live with us for some time…

Say hello to another whippet with French Championship – beautiful FR CH, LSP John Lennon des Plaines des Bruyères (C.I.B., FR CH, LU CH, LSP, FR VCH Erius-Eden von Hoëhenzoller x C.I.B. Suna Regens Opals Tracy)! He will live with us for few months. He is with us from one week already and we must say that Lennon is most gentle, sweet, lovable and handsome whippet guy ever!

Thank you Laetitia Daniel for your hospitality in France, for trust with Marvel and now with Lennon and for wonderful whippet time and oportunities. “Leniuch” sends greetings and says that he has his own harem exclusive now – hahaha!

If someone is interested for Lennon, wants to know more, please, write to me or to Laetitia Daniel.

Lennon’s pedigree: HERE

Whippet Dogarium Belzeebub “Marvel” is double father!

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Our co-owned whippet male Dogarium Belzeebub “Marvel” (co-owner Laetitia Daniel from des Plaines de Bruyères kennel from France) became a double father!

First whippet litter was born in France in des Plaines de Bruyères kennel of our wonderful co-owner Laetitia Daniel. The mother of the puppies is Mythic Idunn des Plaines des Bruyeres (Julian Jarl des Carmauries x Suna Regens Opals Tracy). She delivered 7 puppies (4 males and 3 bitches). The pedigree is HERE.

Second whippet litter was born in Czech Republic in VIP Poppet kennel of Vera Jelinkova. The mother of the puppies is Flirtini Sunny Funny (Barnesmore Back in Black x Aqua Bella Sunny Funny). 6 whippet puppies were born – all black with white markings! 4 boys and 2 girls. The pedigree is HERE.

We are very proud of our stud dog Dogarium Beelzebub “Marvel”. He mates really interesting bitches with lovely pedigrees. We hope that the puppies will be great family members, with happy and brave characters, great health and beautiful exterior.

Till now (18.11.2018) in both kennels it is possibile to reserve puppies. If you are interested, please, write to us on Facebook or e-mail.

Euro Dog Show 2018 – our whippets were placed!

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This year Euro Dog Show took place in Poland. In 2018 Arne Foss from Norway was the judge of whippets. On this EDS our whippet kennel had a nice representation – our bitch Dogarium Alpha, our co-owned male Dogarium Bellzebub (co-owner Laetitia Daniel from France) and a male from our kennel Dogarium Concon (owner: Simona Kosorin from Czech Republic). We are so happy with the results! Three whippets, three excellent notes and two placements. Details with pictures by Wanda Lisiecka from FOTOwendy below:

CIB, PL CH, PL JCH, LT JCH, UA JCH Dogarium Alpha – Ex. 4/14 in open class

BIS, FR CH, FR NSCH, MD CH, BG CH Dogarium Beelzebub – Ex./15 in open class

SBIS, CZ JCH Dogarium Concon – Ex. 1/5, CAC in intermediate class

7 new championships, 10 new CACIB’s and one BIS for our whippets!

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This summer we spend two weeks in Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria with our family and some of our whippets. We had wonderful time with amazing people, warm sea, delicious wine, the biggest shells in life and a lot of new expiriences with other cultures, buildings, languages, geographical locations and exceptional food. We had with us three of our whippets – Dogarium Berehynia “Masha”, Dogarium Beelzebub “Marvel” and their mommy Tappinskis Rubi for Dogarium. They really act like a family – they lick eachother, hug eachother and have fun eachother. Too sweet! We entered our lovely three whippets on few dog shows in two countries. Results are so, so good!

Tappinskis Rubi for Dogarium (4 IDS) – 4 x CACIB, 3 x BOS, 1 x BOG2, CH MD, CH BG and finally… C.I.B.!
Dogarium Berehynia (2 NDS, 3 IDS) – 3 x CACIB, 2 x BOB, 1 x BOG2, 2 x BOG, CH MD, CH BG
Dogarium Beelzebub (3 IDS)- 3 x CACIB, 2 x BOG1, 1 x BIS!!!, CH MD, CH BG

That was last dog shows for mother of Dogarium kennel – Tapinsis Rubi for Dogarium. This hollidays bring to us second BIS1 placement and second C.I.B. title in our life. Amazing feeling. We are very, very happy and proud of our wonderful, funny and sweet whippets. That was great time for our whole family. We have great memories from those interesting, warm and beautfiul countries. I feel that for some time we will go there again – with a pleasure!

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